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   Large Plugs

Push Monster - Anal Plug X-Large 2.0
Black XXL Anal Plug in Monster-size X-Large (18,5 x 8,8cm) made of flexible, skin-safe TPE ✓ Ideal for advanced anal training ✓ Latex...
39.90 EUR 34.90 EUR      1 x 'Push Monster - Anal Plug X-Large 2.0' order
COLT Big Boy Anal Plug XL
Premium, solid silicone butt plug! The COLT Big Boy Plug provides the shape you are looking for. The tapered tip and the smooth and seamless surfac...
39.90 EUR      1 x 'COLT Big Boy Anal Plug XL' order
Dark Crystal Black Butt Plug DC38
This smooth butt plug reaches his strongest diameter of 58 mm after 9.5 cm and then reduces to 38 mm. The butt plug can be inserted comfortable tha...
26.90 EUR      1 x 'Dark Crystal Black Butt Plug DC38' order
Titanmen Ass Master Buttplug
The last word in a anal authority. Serve your ass.
59.90 EUR      1 x 'Titanmen Ass Master Buttplug' order
Titanmen Anal Stretcher - 6 Inch Expansion Plug
Titanmen Anal Stretcher - A plug that makes beginners with many practices to an expert. The conical shape of the plug expands from 1.5 cm on the to...
24.90 EUR      1 x 'Titanmen Anal Stretcher - 6 Inch Expansion Plug' order
Titanmen Intimidator Black
Plug with expanding ribbed design. Firm yet forgiving, and substintial enough for the man who knows how to play. Titanmen presents the Intimidator,...
44.90 EUR      1 x 'Titanmen Intimidator Black' order
American Bombshell Rockeye
Are you ready for this American Bombshell toy? This massive plug is made for any type of Action.
48.90 EUR      1 x 'American Bombshell Rockeye' order
Titanmen Master Tool Nr. 5
Made for those that are masters of anal play, this impressive toy is large and in charge. This TitanMen Master Tool #5 comes in a sleek design that...
22.90 EUR      1 x 'Titanmen Master Tool Nr. 5' order
All Black Plug 33
Boom! This black grenade plug will guarantee you some explosive orgasms. Its smooth and delicate material allows an easy penetration that will push...
12.90 EUR 8.90 EUR      1 x 'All Black Plug 33' order
All Black Plug 68
This plug with shape of pylon regulates the kind and manner of (anal)traffic. You aren’t a beginner when you want insert this 12 cm diameter. The A...
49.90 EUR      1 x 'All Black Plug 68' order
All Black Plug 74
With the All Black 74 you enter new terrain and slowly start to stretch.
22.90 EUR      1 x 'All Black Plug 74' order
All Black Plug 75
The All Black 75 is the medium version of this series and gets you ready for absolute pleasure.
26.90 EUR      1 x 'All Black Plug 75' order
All Black Plug 76
This is where you get All Black 76 - this plug series' king. Become an absolute pro and make this giant ball disappear inside you!
32.90 EUR      1 x 'All Black Plug 76' order
Falcon Buttplug - white - large
Length: approx. 12,6 cm
Diameter: approx. 6 cm
Material: Phthalate free PVC
Color: white

24.90 EUR      1 x 'Falcon Buttplug - white - large' order
Anal Fantasy Collection Insta-Gaper
The Buttplug Insta Gaper from the Anal Fantasy Collection by Pipedream is a unique plug perfect for a thrilling backdoor adventure. Once you've squ...
19.90 EUR      1 x 'Anal Fantasy Collection Insta-Gaper' order
Anal Fantasy Collection Mega Insta-Gaper
Mega Insta-Gaper opens new moments of pleasure of the anal stimulating.
28.90 EUR      1 x 'Anal Fantasy Collection Mega Insta-Gaper' order
COLT Expander Plug Large Black
COLT Expander Plug Large is the right toy for adventurer of anal stretching art. The flared design plug brings courageous person to a new dimension...
28.90 EUR      1 x 'COLT Expander Plug Large Black' order
COLT Expander Plug Medium Black
COLT Expander Plug with flared design brings a new dimension of anal stretching. The plug shows his quality when is inserted. Tight fit and with so...
24.90 EUR      1 x 'COLT Expander Plug Medium Black' order
Plug & Play - Butt Plug 5 inch Split
This expanding butt plug has a unique and flexible shape for a particularly intense and enjoyable feel!
22.90 EUR      1 x 'Plug & Play - Butt Plug 5 inch Split' order
All Black Plug 13
Would you like to feel a real hand inside you? This black lifelike reproduction of a hand has a firm base. Its smooth surface is made of a pleasant...
16.90 EUR      1 x 'All Black Plug 13' order
Lock & Stretch Assboy
This anal plug can be used as an asslock and for gentle rosette stretching.
By pulling back the stem, a ball is pushed between three steel jaw...

59.90 EUR      1 x 'Lock & Stretch Assboy' order
The Ultimate Asslock
Stainless Steel. The Anal Lock creates a new dimension in anal play. When inserted, the wearer can feel the steel travel every inch of the cavity. ...
149.90 EUR      1 x 'The Ultimate Asslock' order
ZIZI Vendome Analplug Black
This classic and conic shaped anal plug delights with his perfect dimension. Whether beginner or professional, Vendome suggest special anal pleasur...
12.90 EUR      1 x 'ZIZI Vendome Analplug Black' order
ZIZI Magnus Analplug Black
The little brother of Malemute Analplug is a little bit bigger, but more massive and with less gradations. Although well rounded and very smooth, w...
12.90 EUR      1 x 'ZIZI Magnus Analplug Black' order
ZIZI Magnus Analplug Red
The little brother of Malemute Analplug is a little bit bigger, but more massive and with less gradations. Although well rounded and very smooth, w...
12.90 EUR      1 x 'ZIZI Magnus Analplug Red' order
ZIZI Malemute Analplug Black
Three gradations for progressive and massive pleasure, so that you can be in for the ride of a lifetime. After the highly valued success of its ran...
14.90 EUR      1 x 'ZIZI Malemute Analplug Black' order
ZIZI Crocket Analplug Black
Short but still massive – Crocket arrange for fiery anal plays. The conic tip insert smooth and stretch the anus for the follow shaft with 6 cm. Fu...
12.90 EUR      1 x 'ZIZI Crocket Analplug Black' order
ZIZI Bunker Club Analplug Black
A truly firework of lust suggest to fire up this black rocket. With his tip hit this plug every whole, stretch this extensive for the 6 cm thick sh...
16.90 EUR      1 x 'ZIZI Bunker Club Analplug Black' order
ZIZI ZZ Rocket Analplug Black
Attention. Rocket!!! But no be afraid this is a lust rocket that will make an explosive stimulation in your anus. The dimension of this plug should...
14.90 EUR      1 x 'ZIZI ZZ Rocket Analplug Black' order
ZIZI Quest Analplug Black
The quest to experience a convenient kind of anal stretching ends with this plug. This egg shape plug vanish smooth and fulfil with a little bit of...
12.90 EUR      1 x 'ZIZI Quest Analplug Black' order
ZIZI B-Bitch Analplug Black
B-Bitch has especially shape these men known really good. To have a pint has now an enigmatic and profound meaning. The shape of bottle provide wit...
14.90 EUR      1 x 'ZIZI B-Bitch Analplug Black' order
Hoolalass Plug Regulator Black
Length: ca. 100mm
Diameter: ca. 40-75mm

32.90 EUR      1 x 'Hoolalass Plug Regulator Black' order
Hoolalass Plug Regulator Yellow
Length: ca. 100mm
Diameter: ca. 40-75mm

32.90 EUR      1 x 'Hoolalass Plug Regulator Yellow' order
Hoolalass Plug Hydro Black
Length: ca. 110mm
Diameter: ca. 50-75mm

39.90 EUR      1 x 'Hoolalass Plug Hydro Black' order
Hoolalass Plug Hydro Yellow
Length: ca. 110mm
Diameter: ca. 50-75mm

39.90 EUR      1 x 'Hoolalass Plug Hydro Yellow' order
Hoolalass Plug Big Lever Yellow
Length: ca. 120mm
Diameter: ca. 60-70mm

28.90 EUR      1 x 'Hoolalass Plug Big Lever Yellow' order
Hoolalass Plug Worker Lever Black

Length: approx. 110 mm
Diameter: approx. 70 mm

28.90 EUR      1 x 'Hoolalass Plug Worker Lever Black' order
Hoolalass Plug Worker Lever Yellow
Length: approx. 110 mm
Diameter: approx. 70 mm

28.90 EUR      1 x 'Hoolalass Plug Worker Lever Yellow' order
Hoolalass Plug Spindle Yellow
Length: ca. 140mm
Diameter: ca. 50-95mm

49.90 EUR      1 x 'Hoolalass Plug Spindle Yellow' order
Keep Burning Fill'd Plug Black
Length of shaft: ca. 130mm
Diameter: ca. 60-75mm

29.90 EUR      1 x 'Keep Burning Fill'd Plug Black' order
Keep Burning Rocket Dildo Black/Yellow
Length of shaft: ca. 190mm
Diameter: ca. 60 mm

69.90 EUR      1 x 'Keep Burning Rocket Dildo Black/Yellow' order

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