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New Products

Black and shapely proposal the DC47. Fine processed details like a real penis make the using with him to a pure adventure. The smooth gla...
44.90 EUR
1 x 'Dark Crystal Black Medium Dildo DC47' order
This 50 cm long pleasure dong cares for deep delights. The length of this dildo makes him very easy to use. One can easily insert this di...
64.90 EUR
1 x 'Dark Crystal Black X-Large Dildo DC36' order
This smooth butt plug reaches his strongest diameter of 58 mm after 9.5 cm and then reduces to 38 mm. The butt plug can be inserted comfo...
26.90 EUR
1 x 'Dark Crystal Black Butt Plug DC38' order
Long and small present this black dildo itself. The beauty glans, a light structured shaft and the massive balls let the DC45 glance as a...
38.90 EUR
1 x 'Dark Crystal Black Medium Dildo DC45' order
Stately size dildo with solid dimension. The beauty shapes of penis makes and surprise a breath-taking act of love. The continuous thick ...
49.90 EUR
1 x 'Dark Crystal Black Medium Dildo DC46' order
Black dildo in penis shape. The 3 grooves behind the glans provide extra stimulation. Who has taken the first 20cm of the 60mm thick shaf...
44.90 EUR
1 x 'Dark Crystal Black Large Dildo DC03' order
40 cm long dildo with 60 mm diameter. This black dildo has slightly bulges and tapers to 50 mm at the end. The skin-friendly material is ...
44.90 EUR
1 x 'Dark Crystal Black Large Dildo DC09' order
Curved like charm with detailed testicles. The dildo is after the glans ca. 48 mm thick. The diameter is reduced to the shaft end to abou...
34.90 EUR
1 x 'Dark Crystal Black Medium Dildo DC12' order
Ready for more? Then let these two lifelike molded hands inside you until you gasp for breath. Unlike a real hand, the material is soft a...
56.90 EUR
1 x 'Dark Crystal Black Double Hand Dildo DC25' order
Filling stimulations offers this self-standing fist dildo. The 80x65mm strong fist is 9cm long. The diameter at the wrist is about 50mm a...
49.90 EUR
1 x 'Dark Crystal Black Fist Dildo DC26' order